Learn About Bereaved Survivors of Homicide, Inc.

Our Goals

  • Help survivors gain control of their lives; to once again feel a sense of empowerment.

  • Help survivors learn how to integrate the murder into one's mental framework.

  • Supply support in an environment where the survivor is free to express any and all feelings -- to talk, cry, scream, to feel rage, guilt or to just feel.

  • Help survivors work through the grief process and help its members endure the agonizing process of reconstructing their lives by helping “victims” become “survivors” and  gain control of their lives and, once again, feel a sense of empowerment with a future.

  • Help survivors to understand the design and purpose of associated systems (law enforcement, criminal justice, etc.) and learn how to work with them


Our Services

  • Providing comprehensive emotional support and professional counseling. The most evident vehicle for the comprehensive emotional support for family members and loved ones of homicide victims is through the biweekly support groups co-facilitated by both a licensed counselor and a professional victim advocate. Individual and/or family counseling is also offered and used extensively

  • Providing companionship at court hearings and trials whenever called upon. We also assist with the completion of victim impact statements. 

  • Educating families and loved ones impacted by homicide, as well as the broader community. Since the first National Day of Remembrance for Homicide Victims in 2006, BSH has provided the primary sponsorship in the Orlando area, serving over 120 people for in person events and over 300 during recent online events. 

  • Sponsoring training of professionals and survivors in the latest knowledge and approaches to help victims of violent crime. BSH has worked to insure at least one board member has attended annual National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) conventions.

  • Awarding academic scholarships for survivors who are emotionally ready to move forward with their lives to obtain further college education or technical training. In the past 30 years, BSH has awarded scholarships totaling over $45,000.